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The Book Corner

Take a look at the wonderful preview of "The Potomos and The Papyrus". Now enjoy the full adventure in either digital or print form. All relevant links as to where to get your copy are here in our wonderful Potomos Bookshop.

You can also find updates on the next books in the Potomos World Series, a unique, humorous and entertaining adventure featuring talking hippo potomoses going on amazing adventures together in Potomos World.

EBook PW.jpg

The E-Book

Get "The Potomos and The Papyrus" as an  e-book for Kindle of other e-reading devices. You can then read on the go or when you are lounging  on your favorite sofa or armchair.

The 22 illustration are especially beautiful on a color screen.

book template 3 books.jpg

The cute Paperback book

Own "The Potomos and The Papyrus" in this cute 6"x 9" inch paperback.


Easy to read because of the large print, and the premium paperback size makes it even more wonderful to read.

Each of the 22 illustrations has its very own page.

8x25 book cover template.jpg

The beautiful Hardback book

This extra large print, amazing hardback book of "The Potomos and The Papyrus" is  8.25"x 11"in size.


It will look very beautiful on your coffee-table or on your bookshelf. It is printed on high quality silk paper, which make the illustrations look simply more amazing.



"A delightful adventure story with lots of suspense throughout. My children loved the Potomos world, especially the lovable characters and cute illustrations."


A lovely story to enthrall children with exploits in Egypt, but from a different point of view.
A perfect adventure story to hook their interest early. Can't wait for Book 2.


"I enjoyed this book a lot, I loved the potomos world, the characters and environments were great. Fantastic illustrations. Would recommend."


The Potomos and The Papyrus Is a wonderful book with a amazing story-line and lovely illustrations couldn’t get enough of it and I can’t wait for the second one!



"My two children where spellbound by the wonderful illustrations and the amusing story-line.

Love it!"


What a surprise to actually find a book about talking animals who have intelligent and amusing conversation with one another, in a story that keeps you involved from start to finish.


Book 2

The Potomos

and The Portal

Currently in production, the book is fully written and in its editing stages. The illustrations are progressing slowly and steadily.

Keep checking for updates here.


Book 4

The Potomos

and The P***

It's a mystery!


Book 3

The Potomos

and The Phoenix

The third book's title is still a work in progress, especially as changes of story-line are happening to this very   thrilling hippo potomoses adventures takes place. Illustration work for this book is scheduled be started sometime soon.


Book 5

The Potomos

and The P***

Your guess is as good as mine!

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