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About - The Author

Jean Paul has had a long career writing screenplays but has always wanted to write a book for children of all ages. At long last, he has began to write a series of five books which take place in Potomos World, which exists in a parallel dimension to our own inhabited by a family of anthropomorphic hippopotamuses whose adventures span the series. The first book has been published, and the second book is almost complete.

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About - The Illustrator

Hi, my name is Rommy. This is my first time illustrating a children's book and I hope you’ll love the result as much as I enjoyed the journey. The Hippo Potomos family became my friends along the way, and I am beginning to think of them more tenderly every day.

I am already working on the images for the second book in this marvelous children’s book series, as well as learning to animate the Potomos characters, so they’ll be moving around and talking.


Rommy's Potomos illustrations where inspired by the Hippos created by Romy

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